Origami is the perfect place for any kind of lunch date with customers, friends or sweethearts. Whether its a bowl of hot home made noodles on a cold day, grilled beef or chicken, or a selection of our fine fresh sushi you are sure to enjoy yourselves.
Bento Box with Beef


All noodles served with a green salad.
“A Meal in Itself”
Nabe Yaki Udon (No To-Go orders for this item)
Udon noodles cooked in ceramic pot, shrimp tempura, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, sunny side egg and fish cake…

Ramen (No To-Go orders for this item)
(Egg noodles)
Egg noodles with roast pork, bamboo shoots, fish cake and spinach. Served with a green salad…
Traditional Japanese Soup
Your Choice of noodles.
Udon” (white flour noodles) or
Soba” (whole wheat noodles) (No To-Go orders for Soba)
and your choice of toppings listed below.
Kitsune Topping
Deep fried sweet tofu, spinach and fish cake…
Vegetable Topping
Sautéed fresh vegetables with four kinds of mushrooms (enoki, straw, oyster and shiitake)…
Shrimp Tempura Topping
Rib Eye Beef Topping
Sautéed with Green Onion…
– add a bowl of rice or onigiri (rice balls) to your noodles for $2.00

Donburi Mono

Our Donburi are served over a large bowl of steamed rice,
and include miso soup or green salad.
Tempura shrimp and vegetables with Tempura sauce…
Chicken breast, fresh vegetables and egg in a special sauce…
Pork Cutlet, fresh vegetables and egg in a special sauce….
Marinated rib eye beef sautéed with yellow onion with spicy sauce…


Korean style donburi with marinated rib eye beef, fried egg, spinach, marinated seaweed, cucumbers and bean sprouts with spicy cochijan sauce…

Sushi & Sashimi

Our Sushi and Sashimi lunches are served with miso soup and a green salad. Substitutions extra.
Sashimi Lunch*
Four kinds of fresh fish (chef’s choice) served with miso soup, salad and rice…
Light Sushi Bowl*
Chirashi-zushi style. Four pieces of fish (chef’s choice) and vegetables spread on sushi rice…
Sushi Lunch*
Five pieces of sushi (chef’s choice) and your choice of one of the following. Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Yellowtail Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll or California roll…
(substitutions extra)
complete sushi menu
extra gari (sushi ginger) … .50¢

Lunch Entrées

Meat Combo Platters
Your choice of rib eye beef, pork or chicken. Served with sautéed mixed vegetables with ginger sauce, fried rice, green salad and miso soup.
Rib Eye Beef with Yaki niku sauce
Pork with Ginger Sauce
Chicken with Teriyake sauce
Deep fried pork cutlet served with vegetables, miso soup, salad and rice…
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
Shrimp and a variety of vegetables served with miso soup, salad and rice…
Bento Box (No To-Go orders for this item)
The traditional Japanese lunch box offers a combination of items separated in customary bento box. Served with miso soup and marinated seaweed salad.
Sashimi Bento* — 3 kinds of sashimi and shrimp tempura…
Beef Bento — Rib eye yaki-niku and shrimp tempura…
Chicken Bento — Chicken and shrimp tempura…


Tempura Ice Cream
Vanilla or Green Tea ice cream filled with sweet Azuki Beans…
Vanilla Ice Cream…
(Ask server)…
Green Tea, Ginger or Plum Wine Ice Cream…
add sweet Japanese azuki beans … $1.00
Mochi Ice Cream
Green tea, strawberry or vanilla flavors. (Ask your server for special flavors)…
* Consuming raw or undercooked animal protein products may increase the risk of food-borne illness for some individuals