Every Monday at Origami Uptown: 15% off of ALL regular priced food

Every Monday at Origami Uptown (in the Mozaic Building, across the ally from the Lagoon Theater), we proudly show appreciation to all of our customers by offering you 15% off ALL of our regular priced dinner items and award winning sushi!

If there was ever a time to branch out and try some new items from Origami, Mondays at Uptown are the days to do it! And we have owner/founder of Origami Restaurant “Ichi-san” behind the sushi bar personally making sure that the quality of your dining experience here is exceptional.

It would be our honor to serve you!

“Origami Uptown, much more than just award winning sushi!”

(15% discount not applicable to Happy Hour items or may not be combined with any other offers or discounts)

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Dating back to the Edo Period of Japan (1603 to 1867), The Makanouchi Bento (“Between-Act Bento”) was popularly served to theater goers in between intermissions of Noh and Kabuki performances. The Makanouchi Bento, highlights the many aspects of traditional Japanese cuisine that Origami provides.