Attention all Mirugai and Uni fans!

Uni* Sea Urchin ... $6.00/17.00

Uni* Sea Urchin … $6.00/17.00

Have you been looking for Mirugai and Uni and cannot find it anywhere in the Twin Cities??

We have both in limited supply at Origami Uptown!  This week we have Mirugai (Geoduck – giant clam) for $7/nigiri piece and $21/3 piece sashimi order.  Also, we have a very rare Hokkaido Bafun Uni from Japan for $10/nigiri and $30/sashimi order.

Also, we have two other “hard to find” fish selections available.  Hagatsuo (Striped Bonito) for $3.80/nigiri piece and $10.30/sashimi order.  And, last but not least, we have Kamasu (Japanese Barracuda) for $5/nigiri piece and $15/sashimi order.

Orders are very limited.

It would be an honor to serve you at Origami Uptown.