About Origami Downtown

For origami_collage-twitterthe past 26 years, Twin Cities residents have depended on the high quality, authentic sushi and Japanese cuisine standard that was established by Origami. Although Origami was not the first sushi restaurant in the Cities, it significantly raised the expectation that even out-of-town sushi snobs from the East and West coast had to stand up and notice. When a group of Japanese businessmen came to the Cities, residents routinely and proudly recommended Origami – they knew the men would without doubt be comforted and more than pleased with what Origami would deliver.

Kiminobu Ichikawa (“Ichi”) came from humble beginnings, but changed the landscape of sushi in the Twin Cities area, in large part by recruiting highly-skilled Japanese chefs, and applying his can-do attitude to build the restaurant and a superior service experience that became the model that many other sushi restaurant followed. His approach was seminal, influencing others to do the same. The owners and head chefs of some of the most well-known sushi restaurants have all begun their sushi careers at the historic Market Hotel Building where Origami Downtown has been for almost three decades.

Although Origami Downtown will end an era of great sushi in the north loop district, the legacy and spirit will live on at Origami Uptown. Origami Uptown brings a modern, hip feel, while still preserving the exact same high-quality sushi and service that all of our clients have grown to expect.

Ichi, the management team, and all of the chefs and employees would like to thank everyone for their unbelievable patronage and loyalty.